A109SP - VIP



Delivered with 3 years inspection performed in January 2017



2x PW207C


• Airframe hourmeter

• Pilot flight/navigation EFIS (2 displays) with embedded FMS, Synthetic Vision (SVS), HTAWS (Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System),slip indicator and Remote Bug Panel (RBP) in lieu of basic Pilot flight/navigation EFIS (1 display) slip indicator and Remote Bug Panel (RBP)

• Co-pilot flight/navigation EFIS (2 displays) with embedded FMS, Synthetic Vision (SVS), HTAWS (Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System), slip indicator and Remote Bug Panel (RBP)

• Reversionary Control Panel (RCP)

• EFIS pilot/co-pilot navigation synchronization switch ( FMS data)

• Electronic Standby Instrument System (ESIS)

• Second Radio Management System (RMS) RTU-4210 Collins

• Second VHF/AM VHF-4000E Collins

• VOR/ILS/ADF NAV-4000 Collins

• DME DME-4000 Collins

• Radio altimeter ALT-4000 Collins

• Second Altitude Heading Reference System (AHRS)

• Second Air Data unit (ADU)

• Pilot GPS/SBAS Chelton interfaced to EFIS/FMS

• Co-pilot GPS/SBAS Chelton interfaced to EFIS/FMS

• Digital Audio Control System (DACS) NAT additional cockpit panel

• 4-axis dual duplex digital AFCS with integrated Flight Director

• Second electronic clock

• Second magnetic compass indicator

• ELT C406-N HM Artex (with Navigation Interface Module embedded)

• Dual controls

• Moving map EURONAV V

• 8.4” display

• Traffic Avoidance System TAS-620 Avydine ( presented on EFIS)

• Weather Radar ( displayed on EFIS)

• Enhanced Vision System (EVS) EVS-1500 Max-Viz

• Pilot Multipurpose Holder

• Pilot/co-pilot Console Tray




• Baggage compartment extension (1.9 m)

• Baggage compartment lights

• Crash-resistant pilot and co-pilot seat, fore and aft adjustable, with lap belts and headrest

• Crew open door actuators

• First aid kit

• Fuel drain electrical valves

• Internal structural provisions for utility equipment

• Portable fire extinguisher

• Shoulder harness with inertial reels (pilot and co-pilot)

• Tail boom strake

• Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headsets (pilot and co-pilot)

• Engine compartment fire extinguishers (Qty 2)

• Fuel cap with key-lock

• Pulsed chip detectors (in lieu of quick disconnecting chip detectors)

• Reinforced windshields

• Retractable/rotating landing light (nose mounted)

• Rotor brake

• Windshield wipers (pilot and co-pilot) with wiper switch on cyclic grips

• Emergency floats (fixed parts/provision )

• 5 cells crash-resistant fuel system (213 US gal)

• Baggage compartment extension (2.3 m)

• Strobe Lights on Horizontal Stabilizers

• Electrically Operated Passenger Step (LH & RH)

• Engine washing kit provisions

• Map Lights for Pilot/Co-Pilot


• Air conditioning ECS (Environment Control System)

• Primer finished cabin walls

• VIP interior completion 5 seats, 5 ANR headsets

• Sheepskin Covers (crew seats)

• Set of 3 Drawers


• Standard colour scheme from Company paint selection, solid colour

• Customized painting scheme 2 or 3 metallic colours




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